A Brief Romance With Punk

When I was in high school, the trend of being emo was in full thrive. A few of my friends would sport a fringe covering half their face, fell in love with Alex Heartbreaker, and would perfect the art of wearing thick eyeliner. It was never really for me, the emo style. It wasn't the most [...]


Festival Tips 101

I have been to a few different festivals since I was 16, and as a result of getting stuck in mud, rained on, sun burnt and lost more than I'd like to recall, I have picked up a few tips and lessons learnt. Now that the British festival season is upon us I thought it would [...]

Thoughts On The F Word

Recently my sister and her boyfriend came to visit me, and whilst out in the evening they started asking me questions about feminism, and whether I consider myself a feminist. I said of course I do, I want gender equality after all. My sister mentioned she had recently started thinking about feminism, and when I [...]

My First Polaroid

I have not taken many good Polaroid photos, but my first one is one of my favourites. Immediately after developing it looked like something recovered from 30 years ago, or as all photos are, something timeless that is forever in the past.