10 Cities You MUST Visit

My favourite kind of travelling is city dwelling, or, to be a "flâneur"; someone who wanders around the streets in order to get a feel of the city and its people. For me, it is time much more better spent than spending all day, every day on a beach. That doesn't relax me, it makes me [...]


Pros and Cons of Being Tall

I am a tall girl. Not the tallest, but definitely tall. I am about 5 ft 11, none of my pajamas reach my ankles and just yesterday I managed to get my hair caught in something dangling from the ceiling of an aquarium I was visiting (I managed to escape without anyone noticing). When you picture [...]

Expired Polaroid Film

Gone are the days when Polaroid was a company that sold instant film and cameras. Since then, a group of previous Polaroid workers started their own company, The Impossible Project, and have been producing their own instant film for Polaroid cameras. They are life savers for instant film artists and amateurs. You are still able [...]