Walking in a Winter Wonderland

The Impossible Project Colour 600 Poisoned Paradise Film Hyde Park 29/11/14


Paris, Je t’aime

The first time travelling without family or a school figure to keep an eye on things is dauntingly exciting. On the morning of New Years Day 2013 I had a cheap coach ticket booked to spend a few days in Paris with a friend. With nothing more than a rucksack and a hangover I set [...]

Poisoned Paradise Polaroids

A few months ago The Impossible Project released a new range of film for 600 type polaroid cameras (see here). Three choices for the 'Poisoned Paradise' theme: colour film with different patterned frames of tiny snakes entwining around exotic flowers. It was love at first sight as I became over excited and ordered the triple pack to test all [...]

Bass is Best

And by bass I mean the guitar. I haven't picked up the instrument in god knows how long, but I took lessons for 5 years since my 13th birthday when I was given a very green, Irish looking bass that I named Paddy (how original). It was a change from my violin lessons that I had [...]