A Wintry Walk

I hope everyone had a lovely and enjoyable Christmas. I know I did, I've eaten so much in the past week I struggled with my Christmas dinner. Managed to pull through though and scoffed a mince pie and some Christmas pudding after. I received a lot of lovely gifts: a coat with a tea cup pattern on [...]


India’s Rape Culture

Just A Small Town Girl...

Today it’s been exactly two years since the brutal gang rape of 23 year old physiotheraphy student Jyoti Singh on a bus in Delhi, a case which provoked outrage all over the world. Since then there have been a number of high profile sexual violence-related stories stemming from India, such as the rapes of the German and Danish tourists at the start of 2014. Flicking through the newspaper about a week ago I stumbled upon another story which stated that a 26 year old Indian woman had reportedly been raped on an Uber taxi journey. She was attacked by her driver in Delhi, leading to the international taxi-booking app being banned from usage in the entire state; North India and Delhi are fast becoming notorious for acts of sexual violence against women. Now I’ve written a pretty tame post on sexual discrimination against women in the past, (http://wp.me/p3NQaU-75) but after recently learning that New…

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Novels of Note

For a previous post I talked/rambled/gushed about a few favourite writers of mine, and which of their works I would advocate anyone to read. For this very similar post I'm going to talk/ramble/gush about which novels I have read (and nothing else by the author). And of course there are abundant novels out there, more than I [...]

Travel Tips 101

Like the rest of the masses who have had their passport stamped in various locations, I'm always super keen to pass on what I've learnt from my own experiences. In this post I'm going to focus on tips I think are beneficial to beginners- those who are just getting ready to explore the world. These [...]