Book Series that Defined My Childhood

For as long as I can remember I've been a bookworm. My mum always feared I would struggle in school, because as a toddler I couldn't do 4 piece jigsaws or figure out shape sorter toys, but when I brought a book home and read it to her, her fears more or less went away. Childhood literature [...]


Victoria Park, London

After a stressful Sunday morning of my phone suddenly dying on me and wondering how I could ever live without it, I decided to wander around Victoria Park in London to take photos and to relax. It has been forecast to snow later this week, and although it was biting cold there was something relaxing about [...]

What to expect from an Intercultural Relationship

I am a British girl, who drinks tea, tuts quietly to herself and complains about the weather. My boyfriend of nearly 2 years is Brazilian who drinks coffee, loves the beach, but to break the stereotype he hates football (shocking). Our relationship spreads between two continents, visiting each other's hometowns and slowly learning about one another's [...]

The Everyday Traveller: How travelling benefits your everyday life

It's not a little known fact that travelling is one of the best classes you can take at 'the university of life'. Not only does it give you priceless memories and experiences, but it can really help in skills such as making bookings, navigating strange airports and coach stations, your ability to cope with unexpected [...]