The Moon has a strange look tonight…

Last night was the rare occurrence of a super blood moon. Sadly, and typically, at the prime viewing time the sky was too cloudy to see anything. Happily beforehand I managed to tinker about with my camera and get a few good shots of the moon, this being my favourite.


Trip to Brighton

A few photos from back in July when my dad took me to Brighton as a birthday day trip! The Royal Pavilion and Art Gallery - The gardens were beautiful and blooming with flowers. Apparently by law the grass must be kept relatively long, so the royalty who would stay here could comfortably walk on [...]

London Life on a Budget

I lived in and out of London for the best part of three years during my university studies, and whilst I came to call it my home, it can still be the daunting giant every non-Londoner views it as. Whilst I learnt to navigate the underground, roll my eyes at slow walking tourists and now I pay [...]