San Lesmes

Today in Burgos was the festival of San Lesmes - the patron saint of the city. Inquiring about it, it didn't seem like it was celebrated by many locals, but definitely thought it worth checking out! There was a parade (which we overslept for), food stalls with giant queues, but best of all was seeing [...]


The Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas

On an unusually sunny and warm (!!!) January day in Burgos, I went with friends to a local Monastario. A translation would be a convent, as it is where nuns live (around 150 in its prime, nowadays around 30 nuns live here). A Monastario can either be for monks or nuns, but obviously not both [...]

Why Travelling is better for the soul than Tourism

  Travelling...tourism... each suggest two very different aspects of going on holiday, but can also be incredibly similar. What actually is the difference? Travellers make me think of backpackers with a checklist of countries in their mind, whereas tourists make me think of families on holiday. But the lines cross when you go on holiday with [...]

Two Countries, Two Lives

  Every country has its quirks, its benefits, and the little reasons that make living there quite peachy, even if you don't appreciate these qualities unless you're elsewhere. I won't say I'm missing England with incurable homesickness (no offence England but not at all), however there are some things I miss.   And of course, [...]