Las Fallas – Valencia

Las Fallas is an annual festival held in March in the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain. It is essentially a street party that lasts for days on end. Like so many Spanish traditions, I was completely ignorant of it until coming to Spain for the year. It is a very bizarre festival, but at [...]


Modern Day Female Role Models

Happy International Women's Day!! What better way to celebrate it than admiring some modern day female role models who have inspired a generation, or more, and show us that being a woman can be awesome.   Malala I thought I'd start with arguably the most important one from my list. I'm sure we all know [...]

Bilbao Polaroids

For some reason I have neglected posting recent polaroid photos from my travels. Probably because I'm a bit lazy and it takes a little bit of effort. So here are the three I took from when I visited Bilbao last month. The film I used was The Impossible Project's Lucky 8 (meaning 7 have a red frame and [...]