Hey there!

I am in my twenties, and having completed my BA in English Literature in London, taught English in Burgos (Spain) for a year, and studying for an MA International Relations in Barcelona, I then did an extra a semester (for fun I suppose) at Freie Universitat in Berlin. Right now I am living in Brussels for an internship with the Greens in the EU Parliament!

I spend my days in between cups of tea pursuing my hobbies of writing, polaroid and digital photography, and travelling. I started this blog to a) pretend I am doing something with my life and b) to explore my own voice in my interests and opinions from the political to the personal.

When I was living in Burgos (which is a beautiful city in the north of Spain), I was diagnosed with lupus in April 2016. Lupus is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system is over active and attacks your organs, causing damage. There’s no cure but it’s treated with lots of medication and a healthy lifestyle, whilst dealing with symptoms such as chronic fatigue and pain. Since my diagnosis I have used my blog to let out my frustrations and lessons learnt about lupus, so although this is not a health blog, it is a life blog – my life – so lupus gets mentioned a lot!

But if you’re also interested in reading about amateur photography, feminism, travelling, politics, literature, music, rants, ponders and a few bad jokes here and there; all coming from a girl who comes from a small city in the north of England, then great, I like you a lot.


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