Childhood Revisited

I had polaroid film that was expired and I wanted to use up. I decided it would be fun to do so when spending lazy days in Wakefield, the city I was born and raised in. The result was a mixture of good and bad, and the black and white film gave a haunting feel to them. This being appropriate as they hold vivid memories of youth, only of course everything feels different when you return as an adult.

All shot on expired Impossible Project Black & White film for 600 cameras, using my Polaroid 600 Impulse camera.

new doc 2_1
Swan Lake

new doc 2_2
From A Bench

new doc 2_3
Drawing Faces on the Ground

new doc 2_4
Pugney Lake

new doc 2_5
Dancing in the Dark

new doc 2_6
The Shoe Tree

new doc 2_7
For Sale: One Family Home, Slightly Worn

new doc 2_8
Tree Tunnel

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