Expired Polaroid Film

Gone are the days when Polaroid was a company that sold instant film and cameras. Since then, a group of previous Polaroid workers started their own company, The Impossible Project, and have been producing their own instant film for Polaroid cameras. They are life savers for instant film artists and amateurs.

You are still able to find old Polaroid film circulating websites such as eBay and Etsy. These packs of film expired long ago, so people like to use them to experiment with, as you are unable to predict the result. This is a common notion behind the use of any instant film, but is arguably even more fun when you don’t know how good the film is, and so each picture could be something unique or a total disaster.

Early last year I walked along the Thames River and the East End with my camera and some expired film, to take pictures of landmarks. The results are below: as you can tell some look kinda cool, whereas others are indistinguishable.

(Shot with a Polaroid 600 Impulse, on expired Polaroid film)




This one was taken in a local pub by a friend of a friend (I posed for the camera, but I am where the gold bit is)


Expired film costs the same amount as within date film, which isn’t cheap, so I don’t think it’s worth to invest too much in. However for some harmless fun, and to giggle at the results, it is worth something.

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