Pros and Cons of Being Tall


I am a tall girl. Not the tallest, but definitely tall. I am about 5 ft 11, none of my pajamas reach my ankles and just yesterday I managed to get my hair caught in something dangling from the ceiling of an aquarium I was visiting (I managed to escape without anyone noticing).

When you picture a tall person you may envision a long, graceful supermodel; or you may think of someone lanky and awkward, who sticks out like a sore thumb in photos with their average sized friends (sometimes we crouch). Like everything in life, there are pros and cons of being a giant among humans. Here is just a selection.


1. Maxi clothes were made for us

(This is going to be a blog post aimed mostly at girls, but y’know, I’ve seen guys rock skirts) ANYWAY, yes, those floor length skirts and dresses must have been designed for us in mind. I can’t wear midi skirts because for some reason they make me look frumpy, and sometimes a mini skirt or dress makes me feel too self-conscious. But maxi clothes feel effortlessly glamorous, or for when I’m feeling a bit hippy like. Plus, amazingly, I can just pick out a maxi skirt or dress in shop, and I never seem to have to worry about it hanging above my ankles. Result.

2. Long Legs

Another point about being aesthetically pleasing. But yes, generally being tall comes with the gift of being leggy (a plus for both men and women) because, well, where else would we get our height from. I’ve had a few nicknames based on my legs, from Crazy Legs in high school to Detachable Legs currently (both too long and random to explain), so yes, legs are definitely a main feature of being tall. Whilst it is a general fashion tip for women that they should wear heels to “lengthen” their legs, we were born with it.

3. Instant Notable Presence

I am not the best example for this, as I am very shy and I tend to prefer being in the background and to avoid being the centre of attention. However, when I see people walking down the street, it is the tall people I remember the most. In my opinion this is an advantage in life, e.g. in job interviews, because you want to be memorable. First impressions count and being tall is generally people’s first, and memorable, impression of you. You can wow them with your personality later.

4. We can see in crowds

In any crowds, if you lose who you’re with you can easily spot/be spotted, but it is a very good advantage if you enjoy going to gigs and festivals. In occasions such as these, people become very pushy to get a good view of the stage, but if you’re tall you already have a good view of the stage. And if anyone complains they can’t see because of you, well, it’s what you were born with so there’s no point feeling bad or guilty about it.


1. We are hated in crowds

The previous point is easier said than done, when people are complaining about your height in crowds, and you’re feeling under pressure to apologise for what genetics gave you. Understandably it is very annoying to have paid for a ticket and then to be unable to see the stage- I hate it when another tall person stands directly in front of my eye line. Yes it is not our fault, but we can’t help feeling responsible for it.

2. Shoes

I hate shoe shopping. Mainly because my height has cursed me with large feet for a woman, and therefore I have to search hard for decent shoes in my size, and I’m rarely successful. Heels are scary because I feel that I’m already tall enough, and the shoes I like to wear (converse, doc martens, military boots) only serve to make my feet look even bigger. I live in fear that in a moment of desperation I may have to resort to buying men’s shoes, although they do have some nice choices…

3. People always have to comment

I meet relatives I have not seen since I was toddler. Nearly always their first comment is “Haven’t you grown!” It is a common thing for elderly relatives to say, but when you’re tall you know what they are really thinking is “Bloody hell, you’re twice the height of me”. And further comments are always made. Anybody I meet in life might at some point look at me and say “You’re really tall!” ‘Really?! I have never noticed- but that explains why I have to crouch to hug most of my friends, and why I keep hitting my head’. Of course I never want to be rude, but after 20 years of being tall, I still have no idea how to respond.

4. Dating can be hard for a tall girl

You meet a kind, good looking, all round wonderful person- but their eye-line comes into contact with your chin. I am being incredibly shallow, but there is stigma against a couple where the girl is taller than the guy. Sometimes the guy doesn’t want to be the shorter one, sometimes the girl wishes she could wear her heels without worry. And couple photos are always kinda funny. I like a guy to be at least my height, but when a couple works, they work, even when she has to be the one to reach for things.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that jazz. I enjoy being tall, as much as I am sure I would enjoy being short or medium. I always believe that everyone should be happy with whatever weird and wonderful body shape they have, because it is theirs: to love and to hate, but to let their personality stand out more than their looks. And even if I was a more dainty, curvy, stylish looking person, I would still complain about my looks, just like everyone else would.

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