Poisoned Paradise Polaroids

A few months ago The Impossible Project released a new range of film for 600 type polaroid cameras (see here). Three choices for the ‘Poisoned Paradise’ theme: colour film with different patterned frames of tiny snakes entwining around exotic flowers. It was love at first sight as I became over excited and ordered the triple pack to test all three patterns.

The first one I have tried was the hibiscus theme: the black background against the red, orange and pink flowers could be my favorite. Whilst the professional analogue photographers create beautiful artwork with this film, my results were my usual mixture of good and bad, but focused on capturing fun and treasured memories with those who mean the world to me. Including my Labrador.

The first time I tried the film was when I clambered up the Pen-y-Ghent hill in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with family. True to northern English weather it rained throughout the day, meaning an overcast outdoors caused the film to develop with lack of colour, and the pictures had an eerie quality to them. Although the Yorkshire countryside has inspired some gothic tales, I don’t think my photos captured it’s full beauty very well.

new doc 4_1new doc 4_2

(Fun fact: The second photo contains the highest waterfall in England. It’s not very high at all).

A few days later I took my lovable but boisterous chocolate Labrador Otis walking to a canal river close to my dad’s house, where my family had often cycled to when I was a child (mainly because there was a decent pub nearby). It was a sunny, clear day so I was able to capture the beautiful scenery whilst my dog modeled obediently. His good looks are slightly marred by the harness he wears around his face, but if I was to remove that he would probably run off…

new doc 4_3

During this time my partner was visiting me from Brazil, and as we had been planning for a year to visit Amsterdam (he had been previously and loved it), we finally made the journey. It is an amazing city, and the canals and streets are perfect photo opportunities. The weather was always bright but not too sunny, and so the film developed perfectly.

new doc 4_4new doc 4_5

Finally, it was a flatmates 21st birthday celebrations one night, and as we were dressed to the nines it seemed ideal to use my camera for the occasion. I didn’t take the photos, and one of my favourite things about owning a polaroid camera is that it can be passed around as everybody is curious to have a go. (Except I am always cautious about who gets to use my precious film).

new doc 4_6new doc 4_7

(The birthday girl’s blog can be found here)

Impossible film comes in packs of eight, but sadly I had left my camera lying around for too long, therefore when I tried to use the last picture to capture the Tower of London and the tower poppies, the film had aged and so nothing developed. Sob.

Still, I’m excited to use the other two film packs (I’m thinking Christmas markets and fairs will be too fun to not photograph- stay tuned) to capture more birthdays, holidays, and possibly my other dog. If my photos ever mean anything, I guess they’re about enjoying life.

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