Surviving A Long-Haul Flight


When I was a child, the long flights to U.S.A were amazing because we were often given goody bags, the little individual TVs had the option of playing Pokemon, and once the children were invited into the cockpit to talk to the pilot. It was pretty awesome, and as someone who’s always liked aeroplane food (it all comes in little packages which I think is adorable), as a child I loved flying (minus the bathrooms).

As an adult, however, I’m a little more grumpy about flying; partly due to fear, party due to growing to nearly six foot and now I can’t stretch my legs without kicking someone. The food still amuses me though, and I have Pokemon X on 3DS so I have that covered. The bathrooms still creep me out though…

Long-haul flights can be quite exhausting, and sometimes a horrible experience. Whilst you can be so busy preparing for whichever exciting destination you’re heading too, it is also a good idea to plan a tiny bit for the actual journey.

Dress Accordingly

Whenever I read in magazines about how catch a flight in style, or celebrities photographed at airports in heels, my only reaction is “ARE THESE PEOPLE INSANE?!” If I’m catching a flight, my main concern when dressing is to opt for maximum comfort. Okay, celebrities are always judged for what they are wearing, but for the average jet setter it doesn’t make sense in my opinion to dress trendy if you’re just going to be cooped up in an airborne tin can. Dressing comfortably makes it easier to sleep and to relax, and if you need to make a mad dash to the boarding gate, well, heels won’t help. It’s also good to make sure you’re dressed warm enough if it gets cold on the plane (because those blankets provided are not much help), but also that you’re able to strip off (to an acceptable level) if it gets too hot.

Arrive in Good Time

I’ve been told that as a rule, it’s good to arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to flying for an international flight. This allows plenty of time for checking in and passing through security. It’s a nightmare to be rushing for a flight, especially one that could be expensive to replace if missed, so even if it involves getting to the airport at an unreasonable time (I for one HATE mornings..), it’s better to be wandering around duty free for a while than possibly crying at the check in or boarding gate.

Keep Well Hydrated

This is really a tip for any situation in life, because drinking water can work wonders. But when stuck on a plane for hours and hours, you may not realise that you’re not keeping hydrated enough, and as a result you can feel groggy, ill, and just a bit down. It’s always an idea to buy a bottle of water at the airport to keep on you throughout the flight.

Have Toiletries at Hand

Likewise with the water situation, a long-haul flight can make you feel groggy and well, a bit gross, so something to brush your teeth and/or wipe your face can be a great pick-me-up. The first time I visited my partner in Brazil, I didn’t bring toothpaste as I would just use his. However I wished I had some to brush my teeth before meeting him, because I ended up avoiding kissing him too much at the airport on account of my smelly breath. Romantic reunions are never like the films…

Have Entertainment A Plenty

I always look forward to the little TVs on aeroplanes, but sometimes they show nothing more than the flight path. So in my carry on luggage I like to make sure I have a couple of books, my 3DS, and earphones for my iPhone. Of course it’s always advisable to try and get some sleep on a long flight, but just in case it’s one of those times you simply cannot sleep, its good to have a variety of entertainment to keep you amused and cheerful throughout.

3 thoughts on “Surviving A Long-Haul Flight

  1. Very good tips. Staying hydrated and dressing comfortable are essential for having an enjoyable flight. I personally also love my noise cancelling headphones. These make flights way more amazing!

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