Travel Destinations Top of my Bucket List



Despite all the warnings about travelling around India in regards to food and what not to eat, and knowing my luck I will still eat something that won’t agree with me, I am desperate to visit this beautiful country. Possibly influenced by my love of elephants and tea? Yes… but it is a country with a culture I one day hope to learn more about first hand.


I fell in love with its ancient history when studying it in school as a child, and since then visiting the pyramids has always been a dream destination of mine. Slightly put off when I watched The Mummy when I was still young, impressionable, and easily scared.


When I studied geography in high school we studied glaciers and mountains (in all honesty I did find it fascinating), and there was once mention of a trip to Iceland. In reality we went to Scotland, and so since then I have been determined to visit the beautiful looking island.

North Korea

Okay, yes, kind of an odd one here (as a few people have told me), but since reading Dom Joly’s travel book The Dark Tourist (which is really worth a read for any wanderer), I have come to the conclusion visiting this strange, secretive country will be an experience like no other, and a story to tell for years.

And countries I have visited and would love to see again…


I went with family as a child on a day trip when we were holidaying/vacationing in the U.S. As a child I loved it- I had my hair braided with purple beads and felt a million dollars. These days I’m interested in experiencing real Mexican food, practicing my Spanish and perhaps witnessing a Day of the Dead festival.

New York City

And this one is a city rather than a country, but I specifically want to visit NYC in the winter (and if it doesn’t snow I would be very disappointed). I went to NYC one summer (again with the family), and it was crazy, hot and amazing. But I also want to watch people ice skating at Rockefeller (and probably be too scared to do it myself), and visit the Empire State at nighttime.


I sort of count Argentina as visited as I went over to the Argentinian side of the Iguazu Falls when in Brazil at the start of 2014. However to many that would not count as properly visiting the country, and I am anxious to return. Also why not make a fool of myself with my two left feet in the land of el tango…


I have only visited the country once at the tender age of five, which is frankly a shame seeing as my paternal grandparents are from Ireland, and I even have family there. I vividly remember a lot of pubs sharing the same surname as I have, so this time I want to not so vividly remember similar pubs. And appreciate the friendly Irish nature and the stunning scenery of course…

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