My Style Essentials

Because y’all wanna be me…(ahem)

Whilst style, fashion and trends tend to pass me by (sometimes I catch onto them just when they’re about to fade out of the mainstream media), there are some things I maintain to wear my personality on my sleeve.


(Is it lame to use a fancy camera for mirror selfies? Ah well, looks cool)

Tartan- I have loved wearing tartan since my young teenage-hood embracing punk. I also like how it can be worn with punk attitude or as something quissentially British. It can be styled as smart or laid-back, and its also pretty cool how each tartan design represents a Scottish tribe (save for the Windsor design).


Lipstick – The photo is missing my red one, which will be lying about in the bottom of a handbag of mine somewhere… Anyways when I was younger I used to be all about lip glosses, but nowadays I only ever apply lipstick. I probably switched to feel more grown up, but they are always much longer lasting and less annoyingly sticky than lip glosses.


Quirky Jewellery – It’s fun picking up unique pieces from markets and travels, or treasuring those given as gifts because you can be smug when people admire them. Plus I’m a magpie who squeals over shiny, pretty things. It’s good to own jewellery that has a story to tell.


Converse – Another thing I’ve sported for years, and each time I have to replace my well worn shoes I always like to try a new colour/design. Currently on a very grubby white pair (I have tried cleaning them…), I think they’re the comfiest shoes ever (except for long walks) and look good with any casual day outfit. 118

Shorts and Tights combo – Finally, another thing I adopted years ago, although I wonder what is the acceptable age to wear them up to (now I’m an adult I may have to *shudder* dress sensibly). I love how they can be ideal for daywear, or nights out, and are a subtly way of showing your legs but without turning them into walking icicles.

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