Travel Momentoes

It sometimes feels like an innate part of human nature to desire a souvenir of their experiences. To remind us when we’re old that we really did have a life, and an amazing one at that. Particularly on our travels, so we have something to fondly remember the best times of our lives.


World Map

This one actually belongs to my dad, mines stored in a box in the garage… But for many people a top item to own is a world map to mark where you’ve visited, and where you want to go. Plus it helps improve your geographical knowledge, so wins all around. Mine is also a special design, where each country is drawn in proportion to one another. So you realise how small Europe is compared to the likes of Africa and South America. The more you know.


Tacky Souvenirs

For some it may be a key ring, or a t shirt, for me I collect little models of famous and local landmarks. I hope to one day put them on a shelf and have my own miniature city of the wonders of the world and more (maybe with a little toy ape on the Empire State Building).



Some people like to collect them for themselves, I always make sure to write a postcard to each parent and the grandparents (sometimes I remember to post them in the country I’m visiting, or when I’m back in the UK…) It’s quite interesting to read them again, and realise how much has changed since the first one I posted from Paris in my first year at university…



Aside from having my polaroids at hand, I really should print off some digital photos so I can make another photo album (The ones above are from quite a few years ago). Because nothing beats having a physical copy of those great memories, and an album is always great fun to flick through.



Always worthwhile to hang onto foreign currency in case you visit the country again, and always fun to find in your regular purse when hunting for your normal currency.

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