Burgos on Expired Polaroid Film

I wanted to take my DSLR out on a tour of the city, but today has been quite cloudy so I thought it would be best to leave my digital camera for blue skies, and take out my beloved Polaroid camera which is better suited for overcast conditions.

As per usual the film I was using expired a while ago. You’re supposed to store film in the fridge when not in use, but this pack of film has traveled to the other side of the world and back with me, and has been waiting in anticipation inside my Polaroid camera for the past couple of months. So I wasn’t expecting any amazing develops, but any loyal Polaroid fan will tell you that the beauty of Polaroids lie in their imperfections.


image image image image

So that is all my supply of film used up. It turns out Impossible Project Film delivery to Spain costs three times as much as delivery to the UK (whyyyyyyy), so I may have to get mi padre to send over some emergency supplies.

3 thoughts on “Burgos on Expired Polaroid Film

    1. thanks! I got my camera for £30 off ebay – bargain! 😉 (the more professional polaroids are about £100 which is still cheap for a camera!) It’s just having to buy film that drains the bank balance, but taking photos is so fun!

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