This was taken on my first day using RAW format on my camera, and I experimented with Photoshop for the first time ever too. I’ve just started a free trial of Photoshop – I figured it could really help with advancing my photography and making things look glossy and almost professional. But at the same time can I be bothered paying a subscription for a hobby? The most basic subscription is very affordable but I’m also very tight with money. Thank god for free trials.

I must say all the technology behind digital photography makes me appreciate even more the simplicity of Polaroid photography. It didn’t help that my first attempt downloading Photoshop made my laptop run super slow, and all the editing tools on Photoshop I’m sure are awesome but I hate trying to master all the little things. I’m a very old soul when it comes to technology…or just unwilling to learn.

I don’t know if anyone has any constructive criticism? I’m cautious about editing, for example on Instagram when you don’t want it to be obvious you’ve edited and added a filter (and I’m convinced when I see people’s selfies with #nofilter that it is all LIES). Anyways… yes, it’s hard to judge your own work!

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