La Sagrada Familia


So first up in my mini Barcelona series is the world famous La Sagrada Familia, a magnificent basilica designed by the renowned Antoni Gaudi. Its status as one of the most famous landmarks in the world is partly due to its incomplete state – current estimated year of completion is between 2026-32, and construction began in 1882.


Although it is basically a massive construction site, it is still an impressive and majestic site to behold. As you get closer to the building, you can notice more and more of the intricate detailing that makes Gaudi’s work so recognisable and unique.


Entrance into the basilica is about 15 euros without a tour or audio guide (not really worth paying extra for either in my opinion). It’s best to book online, as in the high tourist seasons the ticket queues can be insanely long! But it is worth visiting the inside, which is just as beautiful as the outside. Plus you contribute to the construction fund, and it’s about time they finished it!


Inside (and the outside really) is different to any other basilica or cathedral I have visited. Of course it is a lot more modern, and while I am a huge fan of baroque and gothic design, the modernism of La Sagrada made it light and airy – still possessing the serenity only found in places of worship. The colourful stained glass windows were constantly catching my eye!


For around 5 euros extra you can also choose a time slot to go up one of the towers – either the Passion tower or the Navidad tower. We went up the Navidad tower, as tis the season after all. There’s not much to do, you go up one tower, walk across the other and back down again. But it boasts spectacular views of the city and you can get even closer to the genius mind of Gaudi. Not bad for a fiver!


An iconic piece of work that as long as you don’t mind huge crowds is definitely worth dedicating time to in Barcelona!

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