Casa Batllo


There are a handful of houses in Barcelona designed by Gaudi, and Casa Batllo looked like one of the most interesting and prettiest to visit on limited time and funds. It’s located on Passage de Gracia – a shopping street full of designer shops such as Chanel and YSL. When this house was built it was a very fashionable street for people to live on, and the family who owned this house certainly wanted one to show off their wealth!


With the 21.50 (!!) euro ticket comes this interesting audio guide – complete with animations to bring the casa to life.


Even just at the entrance it felt like I had stepped into a surreal, Alice in Wonderlandesque world!


The lighting in each room was one of a kind and beautiful in their own ways.


The outside patio was patterned beautifully with mosaic pieces, and frankly a great place for a BBQ.



Gaudi clearly planned every detail – from the curves of the walls to the use of colour. It seems hard to believe this was a family home – it very much had Gaudi’s soul invested into it!


Outside on the terrace roof came with amazing views and even more fascinating details thought up by Gaudi.


Truly, Barcelona is filled with unique gems! Coming up next I step away from the works of Gaudi to explore more of what Barcelona has to offer!

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