La Boqueria Market


A famous street in Barcelona is La Rambla- full of shops, tourists and pickpockets. However to the side of it is also La Boqueria market: a food market that sells delicious, quality goods (for a hefty price!). Despite the crowds it is definitely worth navigating your way around, even if it is just to look at what amazing products each stall has on display.


Christmas treats that look far too cute to eat!


The little lobster guy was still alive…


I love seeing fresh fish and seafood displays, as it’s not common in the UK. However they also tend to gross me out a little. Wonder why…


Many flavours of juice to choose from. I had a blackberry and coconut milk smoothie. It was delicious: tangy and creamy. I feel like coconut milk smoothies could easily become a new fad, and I fully support this.


So if like me you love looking at, admiring, and occasionally eating food- La Boqueria will not disappoint!

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