Palau de la Música Catalana


This beautiful music hall is lesser known than the architectural works of Gaudi, but was one of my favourite things I saw on my trip! Designed by  Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the famous Catalan modernism style, it was commissioned by the Orfeo Catala choir, who hold importance in Catalan culture for their music. Nowadays the music hall, which is situated on a tiny street, is a World Heritage Site and tours are available in may languages for under 20 euros.


Our tour included being able to step out onto this balcony – a recent addition to the tour. I can only dream of living in such close proximity to the music hall – imagine having beautiful music filling up your days and evenings for free!


The stage of course was beyond impressive and beautiful. The entire building is Art Nouveau, which takes inspiration from all artistic styles and leaves not an inch of space bland.


I fell in love with the glass ceiling design that helped the building be filled with natural light within such a compact space.


Muses of music to help inspire the many performers who have graced the stage.


I arrived in Barcelona having never heard of this place – now I am desperate to return to hear a concert performed here! An experience I have no doubt will be like no other.

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