Feliz Navidad!

Taking a little break from my Barcelona series! Although it is Christmas Eve and I am currently in England at my dad’s house soaking up all British Christmassy things, it has been a true joy to experience the build up to Christmas Spanish style. Especially as working in schools, I can compare how Christmas is for British and Spanish kids. The two countries have very different traditions: whilst in Britain we have Santa Claus, in Spain they have the Three Wise Men; we open presents on Christmas Day, they open either on Christmas Eve or on the Epiphany; we also eat our Christmas dinner on Christmas Day, whereas they eat on the night of Christmas Eve!


One thing that doesn’t change, is that cities light up with the Christmas spirit!


DSC_1128 (1)DSC_1126 (1)DSC_1124 (1)DSC_1138 (1)DSC_1122 (1)DSC_1133 (1)DSC_1132 (1)DSC_1130 (1)DSC_1155 (1)


So Feliz Navidad/Merry Christmas! I hope you’re all surrounded with loved ones, and that you’re looking forward to 2016!

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