Barcelona Cathedral and Basilica de Santa Maria


Whilst La Sagrada Familia is such an internationally recognisable  landmark – it might be easy to overlook the Neo Gothic Cathedral residing in the old town in Barcelona. It is also a must see attraction, with free entry! I adored the architectural design of the outside and of the interior.


Here lies the tomb of Saint Eulalia, who was a young girl martyred in the Roman times for her religious beliefs. She was forced to parade around naked, and was tortured. Her tomb depicts her martyrdom. There are also a few legends surrounding the young girl, including that a dove flew from her neck once she was decapitated.

The cathedral is also famous for being the ‘Church of 13 swans’. which can be found in the courtyard of the cathedral. Only they are geese. Just fyi. Also in the courtyard was a nativity scene you could walk around – I love Christmas!


Afterwards we headed to the nearby Basilica of Santa Maria, as it was high on a “Things to See” list. Another beautiful church worth dedicating time for visiting! We also passed a market en route selling lots of beautiful items. Sadly too expensive for my purse!


Casually taking a nap…


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