San Lesmes


Today in Burgos was the festival of San Lesmes – the patron saint of the city. Inquiring about it, it didn’t seem like it was celebrated by many locals, but definitely thought it worth checking out!


There was a parade (which we overslept for), food stalls with giant queues, but best of all was seeing a group perform the local traditional dance.


The traditional costume and music were beautiful, and felt like we were almost stepping back into medieval times! Well, with iPhones and digital cameras etc…


It shows you don’t have to  be religious to enjoy a religious day of worship – today was clearly about fun and being proud of the city!


He shouted “Viva San Lesmes, Viva Burgos!”, to which we all shouted “Viva!” back.


I have seen flamenco and other traditional Spanish dance performed in bars and culture centres, but seeing it performed out on the street was an incredible experience – even if my feet were numb! I love this country and its huge variety of tradition and culture!

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