Bilbao Polaroids

For some reason I have neglected posting recent polaroid photos from my travels. Probably because I’m a bit lazy and it takes a little bit of effort.

So here are the three I took from when I visited Bilbao last month. The film I used was The Impossible Project’s Lucky 8 (meaning 7 have a red frame and one has a gold frame!). Their advice for this film is to use in the bright outdoors. This I agree with, because I used the film first to take photos at Christmas, and all the festive family photos had a green tinge to them. Which was quite disappointing. So I was skeptical to use the film on this trip, but it actually produced one of my favourite polaroids I have ever taken!


The Guggenheim Art Museum in Bilbao is a must see!


Behind the museum. I really liked how this photo developed, as the reflections on the water are beautifully clear.



A view of Bilbao at sunset. Being the clumsy sod I am I scratched the photo a fair bit, but it created a cool lightning effect on the photo!

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