Budget Beauty Buys

Did ya like the alliteration? I haven’t a degree in literature for nothing…

Anyway my blog – which is an accurate representation of my mind: messy, all over the place, filled with mentions of tea – is not a blog for those interested in beauty blogging. Because truth be told, I’m kinda useless at that stuff. My make up collection is very basic (and with travelling a lot I’ve cut down to the essentials: bronzer? highlighter? No time/space), I am still trying to find the perfect hair product (coconut oil, olive oil, the entire range at Superdrug, even splurged out on Aveda once. All tried and tested, all relatively useless for my mane). The closest I get to styling my hair is a plait.

But saying all that, I do like to take care of my appearance of course, and I also like to do it as cheaply as possible. Do I still have a smokey eye palette I bought from Primark ages ago? Yes… and it’s pretty good. It’s fun to own fancy, relatively expensive beauty products for when you want to make an extra special effort, but I’m a 21 year old who’s about to become a student again. I know my (money) limits, and I also know what beauty essentials can be bought on the cheap.


Nivea Hand Cream (£3.20 – Boots)

I’ve used Soap & Glory hand cream before, and I’ve used Clarins testers before. These are amazingly good and leave my hands feeling soft straight away – but they cost a hell of a lot more than good ol’ Nivea. And Nivea is always reliable. I use a hydrating hand cream bought in Brazil a year ago when I was badly suffering from dry hands, and straight away it sorted it out. I couldn’t find the same product in the UK, so I’ve been using one with nut oil, and it’s kept my hands in perfect condition throughout the year. Even in Burgos, with the cold wind, rain, snow and hail! Not to mention Nivea lip balm is my favourite for treating chapped lips.


Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and Conditioner (£2.79 each – Boots)

I’ve been using the Sleek Restorer – a mix of coconut oil and cocoa butter . Now, as mentioned above I find hair products pretty useless on my hair. Annoying because I have frizzy hair that is neither straight nor curly, and SO MUCH FUN in humid conditions. However, this one I have found to be one of the most effective to use at home. My hair is still frizzy and a little out of control, but after the first use I noticed it was softer and smoother feeling, and so generally it seems to help the condition of my hair. Another shampoo and conditioner collection that does what it says on the bottle is L’Oreals Elvive Nutri-Gloss. It definitely makes your hair shinier because when I was using it my Granddad noticed and complimented my shinier hair. What a win.


Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Hair Milk (£4.99 – Amazon)

I know, I know – I say I don’t know decent hair products then I go and recommend two. This is why I’m not a beauty blogger. But anyways, this is something I bought by accident. I thought it was coconut oil, but then I saw on the bottle it was coconut milk and I was a little “hmm…” But it is one of the best things I’ve ever accidentally bought. After washing your hair, you only need a small amount to comb through, and I find it is the best thing I’ve ever used to help give me curls when my hair dries. And because you only need a tiny amount, it lasts ages. Annoying because I cracked the bottle and want to buy a new one but I still have half left. Bonus: it smells AMAZING. Like creamy coconut yoghurt, I generally wanted to eat some when I first opened it.


Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick (£6.99 – Boots)

Maybelline is my favourite make up brand (yes, definitely not Primark), and it’s more affordable than many others available on the high street. In particular I am obsessed with the lipsticks – I find them easy to apply (I have a beautiful plum lipstick by Rimmel that tends to end up all over my face, and a red Barry M lippy that needs multiple applications to be close to anything fierce looking). They’re long lasting, and don’t dry out my lips or anything annoying like that. I love a good lipstick, and Maybelline provide!


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.99 – Boots)

Micellar became one of the latest trends about a year ago. Usually I avoid trends that are one minute the best thing in existence and will change your life, making you more flawless that Beyonce – until they are suddenly forgotten about. However I was intrigued by this as it is very natural, and I am cautious about using too many products on my face because nobody wants to end up with bad, wrinkly skin. This product is basically water that removes make up really efficiently – better than the face wipes I am prone to use! I chose Garnier because after some hunting around it was the best value for money, and the using the micellar water doesn’t even require rinsing! Perfect for lazy people like me.


What budget products do you like to use? Any of these you’d try? Any you hate?!

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