Chick Flicks Worth Watching

I saw the new Ghostbusters film the other day. It’s attracted a fair bit of attention, not just because it’s a beloved franchise reboot, but also because (omigod) the main cast are all women. Which has led to some people saying it ruins the beloved franchise.

Yeah yeah, women playing traditionally male roles should never happen. Sure. Because being a ghostbuster requires male genitalia. It’s included in the job restriction, in case you didn’t know.They have to shoot the lazer stuff at the ghosts out of their junk.

The film is good, and the cast were better. The strongest parts of the film were the interaction and charisma between the leading actors, the ghost busting was fun action but not the highlight. What was great was seeing four very different women each completely own their lines and screen time. And sure, maybe casting Chris Hemsworth as the helpless, hapless eye candy usually reserved for females isn’t the most progressive of ideas, but it certainly makes a hell of a good point. If people have a problem with perfectly good male actors only offered eye candy roles, they should have a problem when it happens to female actors. Which is all the time.

So if you want a laugh, and to be entertained, it’s a good film to see. And I doubt the young generation have any problems with their ghostbusters having boobs.

So perhaps action films are finally heading in the right direction. But what about chick flicks? These films are eaten up by half of the worlds population, but most of them have such a sad, basic story line. That usually ends in all the problems going away when the girl gets the guy. Often by changing herself, or perhaps succeeding in changing him for the better. So what are the chick flicks that are actually, possibly also feminist?


Let’s start with the one that stars the ghostbusting Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy also. Whilst the film is focused on an upcoming wedding, it ain’t about the bride and grooms relationship, but instead about the friendships between the bridal party. I’m pretty sure the groom only has one line: “I do”. This is a top choice to watch with friends when you want to howl with laughter. This isn’t women being funny in a cute way, this is women being funny full stop. With alcohol, puke, poo, fights and passive aggression. Hello to being a woman.

Legally Blonde

I never thought this film would be my cup of tea, but then I actually watched it. It’s definitely a film for when you don’t want to think, but what’s great about it is that it takes the stereotypical blonde barbie type, and makes her smart. Harvard Law School smart. A girl can like being girly, but she can also be top of her class. And what better lesson to teach young girls that when a guy is an arse to them: get upset, but also work hard and own life.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

With this film we have a relatable woman. Not someone who magically has an amazing career/life, but one who works, smokes, drinks, sometimes has food in the house, has an overbearing mother, inadvisable crushes, and discuses everything with her friends and everyone has advice but no one really knows what they’re on about. And occasionally does stupid things and embarrasses herself. We’re all human, and Bridget Jones is wonderfully human.

Mean Girls

Typical teen, high school movie involving queen bee and nice girl fighting over popularity/a guy. But it’s actually a good film, where both learn their lesson and realise there are more important things than having everyone kiss your arse but bitch behind your back. Teenage girls should always watch this film to realise there are better things to do than be mean to each other.

So those are my top picks for a chilled night in! Of course there are plenty of other films with ace female characters to gorge on, but these are typically chick flick, but with a healthy twist of common sense.

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