After Seville we travelled to Cordoba nearby. We only stayed one night, as Cordoba is smaller than other cities to explore. Covering the city centre doesn’t take long, but there is still enough to see to make it a worthwhile destination!


The top thing to see in Cordoba is the mosque – cathedral. It is unique as it was a mosque for years, which explains its beautiful design inside and out, however it was converted into a cathedral during the Christian Reconquest in Spain.


Photos of the interior do no justice (because flash isn’t allowed), but the endless arches are a stunning sight to see.


Although the hybrid of Christianity and Islam that features in the mosque-cathedral, and many other Spanish buildings, are a result of years of conflict – it is nice that now they can exist in harmony and the beauty of each can complement the other!


Because we were in the city on a Monday, a lot of attractions including the Alcazar were closed which was a huge shame. However we still made the most of what was on offer – including a tower museum and getting lost!


As with any city it is always fun exploring the streets – Cordoba has a famous street of the flowers, which during Spring is filled with blooms!


There is even some roman ruins to check out – now home to the stray cats of the city.


Although I wouldn’t recommend dedicating too much time to Cordoba, instead other cities in Andalusia offer more to see and do, a day or two will be plenty to enjoy the sights, attractions, cafes and bars!

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