The final destination of my Easter trip to Andalusia was the beautiful Granada. The Semana Santa processions were winding up, but we still managed to catch some sights (including a Virgin Mary float that is carried solely by women).


As the south of Spain has a huge Arabic culture, it was the perfect place to dine in Moroccan restaurants. Delicious food (and tea – yay!), but we had a shock when we discovered no alcohol was served!


The Alhambra is the most famous landmark of Granada – we didn’t buy tickets in time but it was still fun to see it from a distance.


Spain is a Catholic country so of course there was a cathedral – and a stunning one too! The inside was very white and airy, which was a welcome escape from the sunny heat. Although I am not religious, I was raised Catholic and I do enjoy the serenity found when visiting churches and cathedrals. Whatever your opinions on religion are, there is no denying it is a huge influence on culture, countries and history – so always worth exploring when travelling!


My friend had two free tickets to a flamenco show – very exciting! I had seen flamenco performed in bars before, but never at a proper flamenco establishment. It was amazing – intense, passionate, and alive!

Granada is definitely a city I would return to, and not just for the chance to visit the Alhambra. It is vibrant and full of great places to eat (very important). The landmarks are beautiful, and good weather can usually be expected!


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