Polaroid Workshop

Happy Polaroid Week! To kick off this week that is celebrated by polaroid enthusiasts and companies all around the world, Impossible Project Barcelona hosted a workshop for people to listen to tips given by an expert, and to have fun taking photos and receiving feedback. All for 20 euros, which was the price of the pack of film used in the workshop.


The workshop was in Spanish, and my Spanish is still poor (embarrassing that I hardy use it in Barcelona. The downside of such a cosmopolitan city is that English is widely spoken, so even if you try to speak Spanish they often switch to English because it’s easier for both involved). But I still went, for a bit of language practice (although I had been out the night before, so my delicate head maybe wasn’t the best prepared…)


What I could grasp, was the usual tips on taking good photos. Always think about light, distance from subject, and I got to see the new Impossible Project I-1 camera in action. This camera combines analogue with smart phone technology, so it was pretty interesting.

When the guy looked at my photos and realised my camera is one that always uses flash (no option to switch flash off), he told me mine is best for portraits and shooting bright colour photos. Then he modelled for me. This is very useful to know, but now of course I want another camera, one with flash as an option. But that might be a long time coming…


I’ve neglected my photography whilst I’ve been settling in (also I left my memory card for my DSLR in the UK which I want my dad to mail so I don’t have to buy a new one – it’s brand new and 32GB!), but this workshop was great to reignite the passion and interest, and seeing other people in action and their photos was inspiring!

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