Snacks around the World

The best thing in life is food. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love eating, and trying new flavours can be one of the best experiences in life. Sometimes our travels are also defined by the food we try. When I first visited Brazil my dear Granny asked me to write her a letter about my experiences – my letter mainly consisted of me describing the food I had eaten. Not what she was expecting…

Sometimes a country and its memories can be defined by the food we buy on the go during our exploring. There are many tastes that take me back to specific places, but these are snacks that I would recommend to anyone if they find themselves in the country!

Spain – Tortilla

When the Spanish serve a delicious warm slice with a chunk of bread…. who cannot love the extra carbs? Any typical cafe should be able to serve one, but as well as trying the original you also have to try one with the many flavours they add – ham, cheese, pepper…the list goes on.

France – Croissants

Obviously. One trip to France I ate so many I still don’t like them as much as before, but they are a staple to try if you’re visiting the country. Any pastry snack really from any bakery is sure to deliver.

Italy – Gelato

Gelato is heavenly. Is there anything else to say?

USA – Donuts

Another snack I over indulged in thus ruining my appetite for a while. Years of watching The Simpsons has led me to believe it is the best place to get donuts, and you have to try Dunkin’ Donuts.

Brazil – Cheese Balls

Such a simple concept, but so good. And I’m fairly certain these are what most people fall in love with when visiting the country. I’ll admit it was not the food that I adored about Brazil – most of it is far too salty or sugary for my liking, but these my carb/cheese loving self felt like they were made for me.

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