Weirdest Food I’ve Tried

Chicken Hearts

A delicacy in Brazil, and popular at their barbecue restaurants. I won’t say I particularly enjoyed it – the texture wasn’t to my liking, but the smokey flavor it was given was pretty good.


Only a recent try, something I’ve avoided until a friend was eating them and offered them I was surprised by how delicious I found it – I dare say it was nicer than mussels, which I was expecting it to be similar to.

Absinthe Chocolate

Someone was sharing them on a college trip to Prague I made. Not my favourite addition to chocolate, after all it was absinthe, but fun to taste. However I think if I was liquor in my chocolate I’ll stick to the classics…

Homemade Chilli Vodka

My parents were having a party, and someone bought a bottle of the stuff from a pub they worked in. Urgh. I only had a sip (I was young and being watched by my parents…), but it burnt like nothing I have had before. The spiciest thing ever.

Croquet Madame

Not a weird food, after all it is cheese on toast, but when I visited Paris with a friend we chose this and Croquet Monsieur because it was cheap and sounded French. The fact that the Croquet Madame gets its name for the egg on top still makes me laugh to this day.

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