Brussels, Green politics and the EU


I am a part of the 2017 Green Party UK’s 30 under 30 scheme, and first on the agenda was a three day trip to Brussels to visit the European Greens headquarters and meet our Green MEPs at the European Parliament.


Before the official business we walked around to see the churches, museums, cathedral and all the other beautiful architecture to get a feel of the city. I was surprised to see many art exhibitions advertised – Brussels was not a city I would imagine to be arty but it was (including some great graffiti art)


We also tried the waffles, chocolate, fries and beer because obviously. All delicious.


It was hugely enlightening to listen to Green politicians and others to understand more about the work they do within the EU. It was also sad to know that the UK would soon no longer be a part of it, and also interesting to learn about how the EU could really benefit from Brexit, and not the UK. Irony is beautiful.


It was great to meet new people with similar views and ideology. I have not always been Green, although I have voted for them before in the past. I am open about how I switch between Greens and Labour, depending on ideology, because it is difficult to find a political part that truly shares your beliefs. However the Greens are amazingly vocal about equality and diversity, and this scheme is unique in encouraging young people to become more politically involved.  They want a better future for everyone, can’t disagree with that.

To learn more about the Green Party UK, visit their site!

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