Faro, Portugal


The last stop of our trip was the southern town of Faro. The train from Lisbon was delayed and we had to deal with a creepy middle aged man leering at my friend, but anyway, when we got there it was simple walk to our hostel. Baixa Terrace Hostel was our least favourite – the room was cramped for 6 people, security seemed a little lax and we skipped the included breakfast the second day, but for a small and not so touristy town we got what I expected.


Our main goal for Faro was to sunbathe on the beach. The Bus 16 goes every hour and takes you to and from the beach (and airport) in about 30 minutes for 2.25 euros.


As a lupie warrior I had to be extra careful with sun-cream, but still ended up burnt. The beach was nice with soft sand and a few cafes and shops.


The town of Faro was nice for a small place, and definitely more local than Porto or Lisbon. It had some great restaurants and cafes, both local cuisine and international. We ate Mexican and drank margs and were given free tequila shots at Taco y Tequila, but also ate amazing Portuguese food at A Venda, and the cafes provided great breakfast and snacks.


Due to me being burnt my lovely friends decided that instead of revisiting the beach before our evening flight, we would instead explore the old town.


After the trip my Dad decided to tell me that in Faro there is a “Chapel of Bones” which I am so disappointed to have missed.


It is definitely a place you can explore in a day or two, but it was very friendly and a nice end to our relaxed trip.


Our last snack before the airport was tea and the local natas – so good!

Faro was sweet, and Portugal was lovely. I’ve never visited the country before, but I am so glad I finally have.

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