Feliç la Diada de Sant Jordi


In England, today is our national day of St George. It is also Shakespeare’s birthday (and death day). We don’t really celebrate, but in Catalonia St George, or Sant Jordi, is also the patron saint.


They use the story of Sant Jordi slaying the Dragon and rescuing the princess. She gives him a book to say thank you, and he gives her a rose. So, on this day men give roses and girls give books. Kind of an unfair deal in my opinion, but still sweet. Any day that celebrates books is okay to me. Plus, I love giving novels as gifts, if it’s one I’ve read and love, then to me it’s a very personal gift. Everywhere there were stalls selling books and roses, and the profits of the roses go to charity. A sweet way to not commercialise a holiday.


Casa Batllo was also decorated for the day. It was also promoting blood donations and had a bus outside. I’m not allowed to donate blood in the UK, due to receiving a blood transfusion a year ago. I had that in Spain and I’m a rare blood type so I was hoping I could to return the favour. The person in charge seemed very unsure, and it was a long wait before you could even see the doctor to be questioned so maybe I’ll try another time. But if you can donate – do!


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