Quotes for the Nomad in You


This is purely beautiful. I wrote a post a while ago about the difference between being a travel and a tourist, and I feel like this quote sums it up. Life shouldn’t be about existing inside a bubble, unaware of how other people live their lives.


Do I love Kerouac. The Beat generation experienced the world in a way anyone scared of living in a box wishes for. This quote I use as the lock screen for my phone – I first used it when life wasn’t going smoothly, and it gave me encouragement to look at. So now I always like to have it to look at whenever I need.


This explains the feeling you get when you’ve been living away from home for a while – be it a different city, country, or even continent. You still identify with your home, but it doesn’t feel like your home any more. And neither does your adopted home. But you wouldn’t change it, because although it can feel out of place, you are free.


Can we all just appreciate the fact that Rupi Kaur exists, and is the voice of inspiration and reason for women everywhere? This quote hit me because I used to feel like my perception of love was finding a home in someone else, but it is even better to be reminded that the home I make should be my own – both literal and figuratively.


I have no idea as to the origins of this quote, but when I cam across it randomly on the internet, I felt like it described me perfectly. Because yes, if I could have this as my life I would be grateful, and happy. Friendly reminder to not waste your time on books that are mediocre, or you’re only reading because you feel like you should – but read the books that you want to, the ones that engage you. The ones that leave you feeling inspired, whether it’s an all time classic or something largely unnoticed by others.

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