A return trip to London!


DO I MISS LONDON. I haven’t seen it properly since I left 2 years ago, except for a couple of overnight stays, which have both left me emotional to be back in a city which shaped me so much.


So for a last trip with my BCN friends, I couldn’t wait to show them my London (hence why I insisted on staying in the East End).


We explored so much and exhausted ourselves, the best way to be a tourist in London.


The grey clouds are deceiving – it was just as warm as Barcelona!


Of course we had to see some of the typical sights – it was a tourist trip after all.


I visited Borough Market for the first time ever. It was nice to see it still thriving after the recent attacks.


We saw Twelfth Night at the Globe theatre, one of my favourite places in London. It was very different to the previous Twelfth Night at the Globe I saw, but just as funny and well done.


The U.K. has been subject to some horrific terrorist attacks recently, to the point my friends and their family were worried about us going. I never want London, or the U.K., to be off-putting to anyone. It is a beautiful place that (should) welcome all.


I also got to meet up with friends in London, I miss them so much!


I would love to live in London again – when I can afford it. It really is a place I always feel so happy to be in, and it is a city like no other.


I always feel like London is a place people can be themselves, and express themselves.


A visit to Somerset House – another place I had never visited! London is never in need of things to do or see.

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