Carrers de Barcelona


After my trip to London, I was a little frustrating that many of my photos had come out blurred. I decided I needed to practice, and so as a reward for being so close to finishing my university deadlines, I went on a stroll with my Nikon.


I explored the neighbourhoods of the Barrio Gotico, Raval and El Born. I love these neighbourhoods, not just because they’re closest to my flat, but because each one has character and life.


Everywhere you look seems to be inspired by both art and a sense of community – it is why I loved living in the East End of London, and why I love it here.


The heat is sweltering though! If you’re going on a photo session don’t be afraid of cafe breaks or keeping hydrated.


Although once again I felt frustrated with my end results – I felt like my camera didn’t capture the charm of Barcelona streets that I saw. However these are a few photos I liked.


The great thing about living in such a charming city though, is that once you become used to the well known sights, you can really appreciate the quirks and lesser known sights to capture on your camera.


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