I have finished  my masters degree! Except for my dissertation, and an extra semester in Berlin (!!!) come October. But for IBEI, and Barcelona, I only now have to twiddle my thumbs.


So I went to twiddle my thumbs at Tibidabo, a mountain which overlooks the city of Barcelona. At the top you can find an amusement park, and a church. And of course, spectacular views.


There are a few ways to reach Tibidabo, but we took the T2A bus from Placa de Catalunya, as it is the cheapest at 3 euros each way, and does not take too long.


The church is beautiful inside and out.


You can pay 3.50 euros to take a lift to the top, which offers even more amazing views, and dizzying heights.


The amusement park looked really fun, but was 30 euros to go on the rides, so we passed!


But really the journey is worth it just for the views.


It doesn’t even need to take long, half a day and then you have the rest of the day to entertain yourself elsewhere.


Hola, soy yo.


What is my head doing I don’t know,


I’m sad I only have two weeks left in Barcelona, and Spain. So I’m trying to tick things off my list, this being one of them!

2 thoughts on “Tibidabo

  1. I visited Barcelona last year, and took a trip to Tibidabo, and absolutely loved it! The views are definitely incredible, your photos are so amazing! Lovely post, and congratulations on finishing your masters!! 💖

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