Best Bars in Barcelona

I started writing this post before the news of the attack. To target tourists, and a beautiful city, is horrible. But it should never put people off from having fun in this city – not that I think it ever will.


Passeig del Born, 17

A small but nicely decorated bar – it quickly became my friend and I’s favourite due to never staying sober there for more than ten minutes. The cocktails are all great, but the best part were the staff who quickly made us feel at home, and were always happy to see us. Probably because we spent so much.

Pipa Club

Plaça Reial, 3

This one is a secret club, you have to pass the bouncer and go up stairs. But you are graciously welcomed and shown a seat. The cocktails aren’t cheap but very good – and their own recipes are always worth trying. The bar is huge with lots of rooms, and in the Gothic Quarter you’ll find people from all walks of life.


Carrer d’Escudellers Blancs, 3/Carrer dels Tallers, 68

Two of these bars (one in Raval and one in Gothic) but both essentially the same – except the Raval one also has a little skate rink to chill on. These punk themed bars I would have died to visit when I was a teen. It has a fun vibe and chilled out atmosphere – even with the music blaring into your eardrums.

Dow Jones

Carrer del Bruc, 97

A bar with a stock market theme – prices go up and down and crash and so on all night – so it kinda decides your tipple for you.

Espit Chupitos


These shot bars boast over 600 different shots – and some are quite outrageous. Think head massages, syringes, and many more. Not just flaming shots. Order with caution, or lack of shame.

Born Voraz

Carrer de la Princesa, 33

Really, this is a rooftop bar on top of the hotel next door to the restaurant (also a great place to eat) but it seems to be shared by both. Although the views of El Born aren’t much from above, it is still nice to enjoy the sunset or even the little pool up there.

Sub Rosa

Carrer d’en Rauric, 23

My sister would always insist people go to this bar, so if she’s reading this: LOOK I MENTIONED IT. But to be fair, it’s a nice little bar hidden away in the Gothic Quarter, and its happy hour prices are very nice indeed.


There are of course so many more, but these ones have seen me at my worst (or best).

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