View of the Thames, London


I had a 24 hour trip to London, because I had tickets to see the RADA fundraiser production of Hamlet, directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Tom Hiddleston. It was an amazing show, so intimate, and so well performed. Tickets were very limited and in high demand, so I was thrilled to access the Under 25 tickets for only £15! Just an example of why London is an amazing city for culture.

Before my coach, I had the morning to entertain myself. So I visited the National Gallery and Tate Modern. I decided to walk to each, to take in my favourite city in the world. It included crossing over the Golden Jubilee Bridge, which offered this view. I had my Polaroid with me, so couldn’t resist a snap. Thinking of making scratches on the photo my “thing”, because I always make them.

The makers of Polaroid film, The Impossible Project, and completely reinvented themselves as Polaroid Originals. The film is better, they have new cameras. All very exciting. I’m just grateful that there is a company that produces the film. Usually monopolies aren’t great, but this is a company clearly dedicated to the art and its users.

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