East Side Gallery, Berlin


The famous East Side Gallery! It features the remains of the Berlin Wall, turned into works of art by various artists from all over the world – to represent hope, change, and dreams of a better world.


Some featured inspirational quotes, some were more obviously political than others, some were darker in theme than others. But all were uniquely spectacular.


Possibly one of the most well known works.


Surprised to see a Basque call for independence, rather than just Catalonia!


The detail was just astounding.


There were so many more, some I took pictures of, some I didn’t. But it is amazing to walk along the wall, to think about what horrors it used to represent, and how much better Germany is for the wall to be just a piece of art now. And sad, to think walls are very much still a threat.


You could also pay a euro to choose a stamp for your passport! The same I think can be done at Checkpoint Charlie. A cute little souvenir (especially when EU countries tend to not stamp EU passports)

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