Berlin Cathedral


On the Friday of the first week of classes, I was super excited to attend a class on Postcolonialism in the Middle East – something perfect for my Master’s Dissertation (Theoretical Perspectives of Human Rights in the Middle East – including Postcolonial theory). Sadly, I was an unorganised mess and got the time of the class mixed up, so missed the first class (great start to the semester Eleanor). Anyways, with an accidentally free day I decided to get some culture.


There is A LOT of cultural attractions in Berlin. More museums than I can count, but I decided to visit the cathedral, because I love visiting places of worship. Especially when in a country I’ve never visited before, as in different countries they differ depending on architectural style, and the country’s history etc, (and religion).


The Berlin country is found on Museum Island, next to the River Spree. The Museum Island is pretty self-explanatory, so a definite must-see when visiting Berlin. Entry into the cathedral was 5 euros for students, and allows you entry into the main space, the crypt, and up to the dome.


When I visited there was a sculpture installation, the mirrors are so the alter reflects the whole space.


I donated 1 euro to light a candle, partly because I liked the look of the candles, and also for my Catholic Granny.


Even though I’m not religious, I think it’s always worth visiting places of worship to absorb how religion shapes and defines the culture and history of a country.


Anyway, you can opt to climb the 265 steps up to the dome to take in views of the city. As well as visiting cathedrals etc, I also think it’s always worth finding the best views of cities.


Definitely worth the many steps to take in the sights. Even though the cold, grey weather is settling in, it is still a beautiful view.


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