Womens’ Writing Berlin Lab

This post is a promotion of a very good cause!

I’ve been looking for volunteering opportunities, and came across this up and coming organisation. Women’s writing Berlin Lab is a virtual and physical space for women (with focus on intersectionalism) who have a passion for writing. It hosts events and a blog for women across Berlin (and also outside of Berlin) to practice and develop their learning skills. As someone who started this blog to find her voice, I fully support any helping hand for anyone. And as this blog often mentions feminism, something close to my heart, how could I not be excited to support a cause that allows a safe space for all women to enjoy one of life’s greatest passions – writing?

In their own words:

Women Writing Berlin Lab is both a virtual and real place for women in Berlin who enjoy writing and sharing their life in (but also out of) Berlin. The Lab holds Writing Lab Sessions every first and third Monday of the month which are open to women (and transwomen) of every age, nationality, culture, religious, sex orientation and language.

For more information, check out their blog and Facebook page.

I cannot wait to see what use I can be to them in helping them expand across Berlin. So I would appreciate anyone checking them out, even if you’re not in Berlin the blog and Facebook will offer a great community if you are interested in writing!

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