Within communting distance of Berlin, and frankly closer to my flat then the centre of Berlin is, is Potsdam – a traditional looking city that is recommended by many to visit.


It is also very popular for it’s Christmas markets, and this weekend just gone it had many to offer, so a friend and I decided to check it out. The s-bahn or national rail will take you there from Berlin in no time at all, and if you have the ABC travel zone pass, at no extra cost.


The UK loves to copy German Christmas markets, so it was exciting to finally visit an authentic one! Christmas music was playing, the smell of mulled wine was STRONG, and there were a lot of gifts and food on offer.


We also decided to check out the Sanssouci and New palaces in Potsdam – we didn’t go in but just seeing the exteriors was impressive. They are incredibly beautiful and almost insane to think about how much money some people had, as these were just holiday homes.


It was also the first day of snow this winter! And it was so cold, but knowing it’s going to get colder is a little scary. However the options of warm cafes with soup and coffee, and mulled wine, certainly helps!


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