Charlottenburg Palace


Located in the neighbourhood of Charlottenburg (shocking), the palace is one of the most famous in Germany.


Named after Sophie Charlotte, who died an early death, and had commissioned it with her husband Friedrich III. It is a lavish palace with baroque and rococo styling, although more was added by their descendants.


When visiting it is worth buying the charlottenburg+ ticket (17 euros for adults, 13 euros reduced price), which enables entrance to all sections of the palace open to the public, rather than only visiting one or two. You get a free audio guide too.


The audio guide is a detailed insight to a family I knew nothing about, and detailing their visions for each room and their uses. You even get to wander into the royal bedrooms, and we laughed at how a whole room was required for each royal to write correspondence in.


Sophie Charlotte, who was known for her love of art and music, which passed down to her grandson who had the new wing built.


It’s star attraction is the porcelain cabinet, which the royal family were avid collectors of.


The new wing, which is very different in design to the old palace, and as lavish and as stunning as you’d expect from a royal residence.


The gardens and other places in the grounds are worth exploring, despite how bitterly cold it was for us. Plenty of nearby cafes to warm up in after!

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