A Passion for Travel Writing? Help Me Help You!

In undergrad I wrote briefly for Exploration Online, an online travel magazine aimed at mainly students.

Now, I am the Latin America Editor! And I’m looking for people willing to write some articles for me 🙂 It can cover any country/city within the region, can provide advice, experiences, anything insightful and inspiring!

It’s all voluntary, but the benefits are exposure, the experience of being part of a writing team, pitching articles and meeting set deadlines, and I’ll be helping you improve your skills with every article. Self editing is fun and useful, but receiving constructive feedback brings many more benefits to your writing!

To get involved, or find out more, hit me up at exploration_latinamerica@hotmail.co.uk


And in the words of the recruitment email:

Calling all budding travel writers…
Do you have a Lonely Planet addiction? Do you keep journals on your travels, and spend the term time dreaming about your next trip abroad? If so, you may be interested in writing for Exploration, which is one part of four online student publications run by the Erudition News Group (the largest student-run news group in the UK!) – check it out at http://www.exploration-online.com.
Exploration works as a travel directory for anybody thinking or dreaming about travel. We have student writers and editors from all corners of the globe documenting their best travelling experiences, giving their opinions on political issues, figuring out the best bars in European towns, sharing their mistakes and tips, and sending in phenomenal photos.
The site is divided into six sections: Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, Middle East & Africa, and Oceania. You can write for as many or as few sections as you like, but the more, the better! Exploration is relevant to absolutely anybody with an interest in travel, writing, foreign politics, photography, editing or all of the above. Gap Yahs, ERASMUS students, backpackers, tourists, and writers, those of you who don’t know where on earth you’re going with your degree… we need you! In fact, even those who have travelled little or perhaps even never been abroad – there’s nothing stopping you from writing a country profile, current affairs
piece, political or historical article.
Our section editors will give you personal feedback on every piece of writing you submit and you’ll get a copy of the Exploration Writer’s Guide to start you off – but best of all, you’ll get the chance to develop your own individual style of writing and improve your CV! So here’s why you should get involved:
– No commitment. You can send us 1 or 100 articles.
– Looks great on your CV.
– You get the chance to work with seasoned editors.
– You get personal feedback on your writing.
– And last but not least, you’ll become a part of a journal that’s grown into something huge, through dedicated contributions of hundreds of students, and it’s all completely non-profit and voluntary. In short, it’s pretty awesome.
So, anybody who thinks they might be interested in writing for Exploration, get in touch at recruitment.exploration@gmail.com – and finally, if you know anyone else who might be game, let them know about us! There’s no obligation in asking for more information – we’ll give you the facts and let you decide! If you decide to get in touch, don’t forget to include in your email which part of the world you’re most interested in writing about, and a bit about yourself.
We very much look forward to hearing from you!

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