Favourite Cafes in Berlin

If there is anything I really appreciated in Berlin, it was the amount of cafes ideal for “freelancing”, or studying. in. I would have loved to have lived longer in Berlin, partly because a lot of my time was dedicated to studying and finishing my master’s dissertation rather than fun tourist things or getting really hammered.

Personally, I work best in a cafe environment ideal for studying in, rather than at my desk in my room. It stops me from binging on Netflix, but I hate the overly quiet nature of libraries, and not being able to enjoy a coffee during a slump.

Weirdly though, not every cafe in Berlin has free wifi, or plug sockets. These ones, however, do!


Warschauer Straße 70, 10243 / Oranienstraße 37, 10999

There are two, each located in trendy neighbourhoods. They serve great milchkaffees and other beverages, plus they cater to vegan and non-vegan needs (hey, it’s hipster Berlin). I would happily spend a few hours typing away. They get rather busy at lunch time (and also don’t encourage using laptops during lunch hours), but arriving before or after the busy hours guarantees a good working spot.

Oslo Cafe

Eichendorffstraße 13, 10115

Located more central, it seemed like a popular place to meet informally for projects etc. This one I found to always be busy when I’d go in the evening, but I could always grab a seat. One time they forgot my coffee so it became on the house. When in some Berlin cafes I can find the service efficient but unfriendly, this friendliness (albeit forgetfulness) was appreciated!

Garcia Kaffebar

Waldstraße 59, 10551 

Located in the lesser known Moabit neighbourhood, I only came across it looking for a cafe with free wifi to meet a  friend living in the area. It’s small and cute, ideal for working solo or for small group projects to be discussed.


Weinmeisterstraße 9A, 10178

Mitte is in the heart of Berlin, and so cafes can often be overcrowded, but it is also a convenient meeting point for people who live on other sides of the city. This one can be busy, but if you can grab a seat the coffee is cheap.

Fraulein Wild

Dresdener Str. 13, 1099

I’m actually sat in this one as I write this post. Located in trendy Kreuzberg (as most of my favourite places are), it has a very cosy atmosphere, and offers a wide range of breakfast and lunch items, with vegetarian and vegan options, all for a good price! Other cafes nearby can get busier than this one, so I found it a quiet spot to work at during daytime, but it still seems like a popular place to meet friends later.

What Do You Fancy Love?

Knesebeckstr. 68/69, 10623/ Linienstraße 41, 10119 Berlin

Came across this one by chance for a study sesh with a friend (rather than the usual googling for cafes with wifi and plug sockets as I usually do – I do not enjoy travelling with a backpack full of books and my laptop for no reason). It’s got the typical Berlin trendy vibe (staff in back turtle necks? Check). But it was really nice with good coffee and cake, and we could hide out in a booth for ages away from the busier tables.

Important tip: when googling specific streets in Berlin, always include the postcode! There can be more than one within the city, and you don’t want to end up on the other side!

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